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Xen  Nichols
Xen Nichols

Accounts/Property Management/LREA 

P. 02 4302 1713 

M. 0413 476 446 

Xen joined with the Gittoes team in November 2010, and brought with her extensive Real Estate experience which helped create the Property Management portfolio that we have today. Xen prides herself on always being up to date with building and safety legislation and changes to the Residential Tenancy Act to ensure her clients are informed of any changes and thereby clear of any liability. She strongly believes in always providing a duty of care to her clients. She has been lucky enough to travel the world and experience different cultures, which we believe has contributed to her excellent people skills and her ability to relate to her wide range of clients. Xen’s honest and friendly approach instils trust and confidence in her clients. She executes all tasks efficiently and professionally. Her long-term goal in the Real Estate industry is to become an executive sales agent.