Tenants Information

Finding just the right place to suit your lifestyle and make your own is essential. The friendly and efficient team at Gittoes will ensure you are well informed and they will give invaluable advice and support.

We recommend that you visit the Office of Fair Trading Renting Guide.

While the standard terms of an agreement cannot be altered, additional terms may be added should both parties agree to it.The agreement also involves the signing of a Premises Condition Report, which sets out the state of the premises at the beginning of the tenancy. This should be a true and accurate account of the condition of the premises and will become the most important piece of evidence if a dispute arises over the condition of the premises at the end of the tenancy.

A tenant must pay rent in advance from the first day of the tenancy and is required to be 2 weeks in advance.

Remember that after the lease payment you may also have these additional living costs – electricity, gas, telephone, water usage, cable television, cleaners and gardeners.

We welcome your call and the opportunity to find you just the right place to live.