Buyers Information

Buying your property through a trusted and experienced property agent who will give you straight advice and guidance is always preferred. At Gittoes we have an excellent sales team who are willing to ensure you have a great buying experience.

Add your details to our property alert and you can be one of the first to preview our latest properties.

When buying:

  • Arrange to meet your financier and establish a loan amount in writing
  • Short list your desired area and necessary features of your future residence
  • Research sales via the internet and attend our Saturday viewings in your areas
  • Create a good relationship with a Gittoes property agent who will be happy to look after you
  • When the right property is found request us to send a contract is sent via email to your


  • Request a building report to enable you to make an informed decision about offer
  • Offer and negotiate an agreed price for the property through your Gittoes agent
  • Signed contracts are exchanged with a 10% deposit held in trust by the agent
  • Settlement can be 4-6 weeks and you may have a pre-settlement inspection
… And congratulations on the purchase of your new property – this is an exciting time. If you are buying at Auction and are successful you will need to sign and exchange contracts with the 10% deposit on the day of the auction.

In the future we welcome the opportunity to listen and speak with you regarding your future property.